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Working From Home

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Working From Home

Working From Home 1

When talking to my friends, it appeared that the most alluring thing about working at home would be the ability to roll out of bed in the morning, grab a cup of coffee, sit down in front of the computer screen, and put on my makeup and get to work!!  

However, now that you can see and be seen, it obviously is no longer is a viable consideration! (However, that is exactly what I did this morning! LOL)

 But, happily, for me, I wanted to work at home, in part, because I want to continue to wake up early, get ready, and start my day.  I am a person that responds well to structure and rules. Hey! At least I admit it!  Left on my own, I have a tendency to bounce aimlessly around, until I finally and gratefully, find a place to land. 

 I also thought by working at home I would be able to adjust my schedule to fit:  family member appointments, my medical appointments, my part-time involvement with a booth at an antique store, lunches with friends, drives to the coast, planting and maintaining my herb garden, planting and maintaining a family vegetable garden, indulging my hobby of finding and painting furniture, selling the furniture, looking at every furniture website, etc., looking up the history of furniture, observing art auctions and reading art history, and on and on and on………….. The jury is still out on how well this will work!

So, yes, I am a very busy person. But I am also a person who likes to get a paycheck. It costs money to maintain a household AND have so many interests. But, more than the money, working has always given me a sense of purpose and pride. I have loved my jobs and the people that I have met along the way. The more stress and the more hours piled on, the happier I became! Seriously!

I lived to work and time off was seen as an added reward for doing what I loved! Win/Win right?  Well, I thought so until acquaintances began touting the latest information that reported spending so much time at work was detrimental to your psyche and physical health. It had also been proven on the planet of “All Work and No Play” that in the end, too much work would only lead to heartache and heart attacks! (I still doubt the veracity of that comment.)

But, I’m also a “people pleaser”.  When you are a ‘people pleaser” or a “people person”, you have only one requirement. That, of course, is PEOPLE! So, those new to the Virtual world will find, as I have, that it can be a lonely world out there and not always easy to find a “real” person to speak with. But remember:


(Not bad Donna!) You just have to dig a little deeper to establish a working relationship with them. In my case, my virtual employer is the cutest little pigtailed girl, who always smiles at me no matter how foolish or lame I may be. My stupidest pronouncements have been met with only that patient smile and calm response. I can only imagine what the very real employer is saying to themselves. 

“Oh no! Really? She just asked that question?

Thank goodness I don’t have to deal with her!!!!”  I honestly believe that by now they are working on a referral to my very own virtual “Life Coach”. (Yes Dr. Phil. I would wholeheartedly accept them into my life. Oh, and by the way, if I need to be sent somewhere for further treatment, no worries! My bags are packed and ready to go.)

When first contemplating the “why” in choosing to work at home, the world was a different place.  Two months ago it was taken for granted that if a particular job appealed to you outside of the home, you applied. You interviewed and accepted the position if selected.

You were also aware you, had to have the ability to get to and from that position daily. With the advent of the Coronavirus and waking up to a “Stay At Home” policy, you really have to stop and weigh your options. I always believed that on-line jobs would be huge in the future, just not in MY future. It is obvious that on-line jobs will soon be at a premium.

Competition already seems fierce between job staffing companies and changes will certainly be happening. Watching this occur should be most interesting for those of us utilizing their services. Good Luck to everyone!

Donna M.

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  1. Cyndi Bell says:

    Hello! I am interested in becoming a mobile notary signing agent. I live in Chicago Illinois and need I do on how to get certified. Thank you!

  2. Sharon Holiday says:

    I would like to learn more about becoming a notary and how much it cost

  3. Lori Mark says:

    I already have my Florida Notary License. How can I join as a signing agent

  4. Becky says:

    I have questions before signing up.

  5. lenada joseph says:

    Hi I would like to find out more about the program. For example can I still maintain my full time job ? go to school etc?

  6. Emerey Smith says:

    How do you get clients? How many clients can one expect to get? You meet clients at the location or is this done virtually? What all do you need to get started?

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