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Commissioned Notaries can apply for online Loan Signing Agent Training. The training covers how to notarize various loan document types including general documents, refinances, and new home loan contracts!

A Notary Signing Agent certification covers a comprehensive range of essential skills and knowledge necessary for individuals to successfully facilitate the signing of important documents, particularly in real estate transactions. This certification equips individuals with the expertise needed to ensure the accuracy, legality, and integrity of these transactions. Here are some key aspects that a Notary Signing Agent certification typically covers:

  1. Document Identification and Review: Notary Signing Agents are trained to identify and review various legal documents, such as loan applications, mortgage documents, and disclosure forms. They learn to verify that all documents are properly completed and signed by the relevant parties.
  2. Borrower Education: These professionals learn how to guide borrowers through the signing process, explaining the purpose and significance of each document they are signing. This helps borrowers understand the terms and commitments they are agreeing to.
  3. Notarial Acts: Notary Signing Agents are trained in performing notarial acts, including administering oaths and affirmations, witnessing signatures, and verifying the identity of signers. They learn to follow the proper procedures to ensure the validity of notarized documents.
  4. Ethical and Legal Guidelines: Certification programs emphasize the ethical and legal responsibilities of Notary Signing Agents. This includes understanding the importance of impartiality, maintaining confidentiality, and adhering to relevant laws and regulations.
  5. Loan Closing Process: A comprehensive certification covers the entire loan closing process, from scheduling appointments with borrowers to ensuring all necessary documents are properly executed and returned to the appropriate parties.
  6. Errors and Omissions Prevention: Notary Signing Agents learn strategies to prevent common errors and omissions that can occur during the signing process, such as missing signatures, dates, or initials.
  7. Communication and Professionalism: Effective communication with borrowers, lenders, and other stakeholders is essential. Certification programs often emphasize professional conduct and clear communication throughout the signing process.
  8. Industry Standards: As the real estate and lending industries evolve, Notary Signing Agents are updated on the latest industry standards and best practices to ensure they are providing a high level of service.
  9. Risk Management: Notary Signing Agents learn to identify potential risks and challenges that can arise during the signing process and how to mitigate those risks to protect all parties involved.
  10. Continuing Education: Many certification programs require Notary Signing Agents to engage in ongoing education to stay current with industry changes and legal updates.

Overall, a Notary Signing Agent certification program prepares individuals to confidently and competently handle the complex task of facilitating the signing of critical documents in real estate and other financial transactions.

Notary Signing Agent Certification

Earn a Loan Signing Agent Certificate of Completion with Certified Mobile Notary Service. The completion program is highly rated for preparing notaries and signing agents in the field. Certified Mobile Notary Service self-paced online certification program is approximately 3-4 hours.

Certified Mobile Notary Service provides a network for Loan Signing Agents to connect with Loan Signing companies for scheduling loan signing appointments. Signing Agent companies require mandatory credentials prior to alert notifications of signing opportunities. An annual passing background check report, an active commission certification, and Errors & Omissions Insurance are required by most companies. The Notary Signing Agent Training is for mortgage loan closings, and general notary works in agents’ local areas.


  • Access to the self-paced training program on any device, at any time.
  • Online training program for notaries on Loan signing, Refinance, and General Documents.
  • Loan Signing Agent Certificate of Course Completion.
  • Step-by-step guidance on notary registration and general questions.
  • Signing agents mandatory supplies including Background Check Reports and Errors & Omissions Insurance.

Application Instructions

Please Note:

You will need to complete your profile information in the first section of the application and for the required documents. Applicants must upload a photo of a valid driver’s license or state-issued ID and any other notary supportive documents to expedite processing times.

For the Notary Signing Agent Service select either option based on the signing agent’s needs

Existing Notary Packages

These packages are for existing notaries with active commission licenses and Errors & Omissions Insurances.

Errors and Omissions Insurance and a recent background check are required in the field. If any of these documents are not up to date, be sure to include them in your package.


*$829.00 Premier Job Boosting Service with the NSA Full Certification Training, Background Check, Errors & Omissions Insurance and Member’s NSA Members Profile Listing Service.

$768.00 – Premier Job Boosting Service including the NSA Full Certification Training, Background Check and Member’s NSA Members Profile Listing Service.

$480.00 – Notary Public Refresher Training and Member’s NSA Members Profile Listing Service

We also recommend our Notary Name Badge business add-on for $63.95, which will help you identify yourself to customers when you arrive at your signing appointments.

Notary Supplies

We recommend the Notary Identification Badge, Appointment Scheduler Book, Notary Logbook Journal, Notary Stamp, and Embosser Seal for Signing Agents.

*Home office printers with scan-back capabilities are beneficial and required.

Your Loan Signing Opportunities Awaits!

Existing Notary Public Commission Application

Notary Public Commission Application

Existing Notary Profile Information

Please complete all of the fields that are applicable and include your payment details to process your application.

Notary Documentation Uploads

Existing Notary Upload:  Driver’s License, Notary Commission Certificate, E/O Insurance if you have a policy, and Background check.

Drivers License Information

Please note: All driver’s license information must be valid. Expired Driver’s Licenses are not accepted.



In the event that no exemptions are applicable to any payment category, your card will incur a charge of $349.00, granting you a lifetime membership to access our Notary Performance Job Booster Listing Service.


What is included in our Notary Performance  Job Booster and Premier Job Boosting packages?

Notary Performance Job Boosting Service is a lifetime membership to access our signing service company listings.  Applicants can list their profile and upload documents to access over 150 companies. Applicants can set their availability for signings in their local area.

Premier Job Boosting Service includes the CMNS Notary Signing Agent Training provides information on how to notarize real estate loan documents and general notary work, contractor background check, and company listings to receive mobile notary signing agent jobs in your local area.

  • Please NoteIf you do not have a current background check and Errors & Omissions insurance be sure to add-on the option to complete your Loan Signing Agent Certification.


Payment Information

All major credit or debit cards accepted:  Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover