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Notary Signing Order Example

Earn $125.00 - $200.00 as a Notary Signing Agent

Thank you for responding!

Are you available for signing for Sat 8/5/23 ASAP at Ventress, LA 70783?

We need a notary/field agent to make a door knock within 4 hours and print 9 pages (A cover page, 2 Door Notes, a 1-page Contact Form, a 4-page Claim Form, and a 1-pg Affidavit).  

Total Compensation 125 Dollars (1st Trip pays 50 Dollars, 2nd Trip pays 50 Dollars, Executed Documents pays 25 Dollars) 

If you are unable to make the first trip today (as long as it’s still before 9 pm) then please do NOT accept this order. Instead, negotiate and tell us when you can make your first and possibly second trips (not before waiting 8 hours to go back). 


Signer is a claimant or Next of Kin to the claimant in the RoundUp Lawsuit. They need to complete a 1 pg. Contact Form and 4 pg. Claim Form right away.  

Call the signer right away, if you don’t reach them then drive to the address RIGHT AWAY. If no one is at the address then please fill in the blanks on the CIA Door Note, leave it at their door, and take a picture of the note on their door to upload to us immediately. We need Phone and Email for the claimant ASAP as their law firm has not been able to reach them and needs to speak with them tonight or tomorrow morning for settlement negotiations. The trip must be documented with a note and a picture AT the TIME OF the TRIP. We need scans right away. If you don’t receive a call back from them, then please make a second trip to complete a door knock at least 6 hours later, but not more than 24 hours later. Please try at a different time of day than the first trip. 

***SCRIPT WHEN CALLING AND TEXTING***: “Hi ______, my name is _____, I’m a mobile notary retained by the Onder Law Firm to bring the RoundUp claim form to you for signature for yourself or your loved one. We need this executed right away. May I meet you today to execute this very important form?”   If they are not available, you can actually complete the contact form on the phone with them and you will be paid for this task. Please add a note to the xxxx order confirming the phone number, address, and email. 

***If they call you back after you leave the Door Note, and they are unavailable, please ask them to confirm their contact information, at least their phone number and email. Then add a note to NotaryDash with this info to receive payment.*** 


SCAN AND UPLOAD TO NOTARYDASH FULL SCANBACKS. Once scans are approved, you will receive a FedEx label to return. 

No invoice is required, you will be paid via check within 30 days. 

Notary Fee: $50

Type: RUSH Door Knock TODAY (WITHIN 4 HOURS) UP TO TWO TRIPS – Print RoundUp Claim and Contact Form (9 pages (2-3 signatures)) (8/5-8/6)

Location: Ventress, LA 70783

Scanbacks Required: Yes

If you’d like to negotiate the terms of this signing please send us a message with the form below.