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5-Star Certified Mobile Notary Service Signing Agent Customer Reviews

Earn $125.00 - $200.00 as a Notary Signing Agent

5-Star Certified Mobile Notary Service Signing Agent Customer Reviews

5-Star Certified Mobile Notary Service Signing Agent Customer Reviews 1

Here’s what our valued customers have to say about us:

Review from Andrei K
5 stars

Certified Notary Service communicates promptly with its notary agents and provides timely support when needed. I would recommend working with CMNS to any notary agent.

Review from Carmencita W
5 stars

I had a very pleasant experience with this company. My first assignment and everything went smoothly as well as they issued a prompt payment as soon as they got their scan backs.

Review from Shawn S
5 stars

This company is great and very reliable to use. They took the time to answer all my questions and assisted me with my NSA training. I am now starting to receive notary signing jobs from companies they put me in contact with from their site.

Review from Kryshana W
5 stars

I was contacted by this company for a mobile notary assignment in my area. The contact was pleasant and professional. The payment was received on time. I look forward to working with this company again.

Review from Tammy H
5 stars

I was contacted by this company for a mobile notary assignment. They were prompt and responsive to any questions I had, documents were delivered on time, and payment was received immediately after the assignment was completed. I would work for this company again.

Review from Michael J
5 stars

Thoroughly enjoyed working with Certified Mobile Notary Service. Flexible, professional, and friendly.

Review from Sharon A
5 stars

Great company! They communicated well, were friendly, and prompt with payment!

Review from Kerrie Looper
5 stars

The person that called me was very nice and made me laugh thank you.

Review from Latasha R
5 stars

Great customer service and there are lots of opportunities to increase jobs with unlimited income.

Review from Tonia C
5 stars

This company was great to work with. They made communication easy and clear. So glad I had a chance to work with this company and I would definitely work with them again in the future.

Review from Rachel T
5 stars

Certified Mobile Notary Service is a great company to work for as a mobile notary signing agent. Documents were provided promptly and communication was great. Getting paid for services directly after completion of the job was also refreshing. Looking forward to working with CMNS in the future.

Review from Jennifer G
5 stars

This company was great to work with. They were fast, efficient, and friendly. We stayed in contact through the entire transaction and I would definitely work with them again!

Review from Megan L
5 stars

It was a pleasure working with this company. Good communication and speedy payment.

Review from Lee S
5 stars

They are very efficient and paid when they say. It was a pleasure working with them.

Review from Antoinette F.
5 stars

It was refreshing working with Certified Mobile Notary Services. I felt comfortable as they called to check in with me throughout the process. They paid when they said they would which was very much appreciated. Trust and dependability are very important in this industry and I would definitely work with them in the future.

Review from Shalomaine B.
5 stars

Shalomaine B. Certified Mobile Notary Service is such a blessing, my father recently passed away and he was the provider, for the entire house. I was lost and looking for a steady income after working so long for what Felton liked nothing. So I prayed and fasted. I then got the idea of being a signing agent or a freight broker but a notary stuck with me so I decided to try this company! I stepped out on faith because so reviews made me skeptical. I just wanted to say, I am looking forward to a new start in life now, and “Certified Mobile Notary Service”, helped me.

Review from Alfonso C
5 stars

It was very clear and to the point. Any questions were resolved promptly. Best wishes, Alfonso

Review from Becky W
5 stars

Certified Mobile Notary Service is great to work with as a contractor. I really enjoy the flexible hours and working from home.

Review from David D
5 stars

The notary was highly professional, very helpful, and made my process extremely easy. He is a credit to his company and to himself. David *

Review from William M
5 stars

The process was simple and easy to navigate. Kimberly was wonderful to work with. Any time I had a question she was very proactive and responsive. I would recommend Certified Mobile Notary to anyone looking to enter this field.

Review from John G
5 stars

Excellent company to work with, and very professional. Would definitely work with you again in the future should we have the opportunity.

Review from Ladale E
5 stars

The certified mobile notary service was great in assisting me to become a notary agent, * in particular was great in helping me with all my questions. She went above and beyond by referring me to a printer for which I was in dire need. I would recommend this company to anyone that is interested in becoming a notary agent. I received my commission, E&O insurance, and notary bond in a timely manner.

CMNS Response

Thank you! We appreciate your business as our valued customer. If you need anything else please let our staff know.

Review from Anonymous
5 stars

Best notary signing company on my list. They assisted me in a time of need to get my notary license, training, insurance, and bond and helped me get loan-signing jobs with companies. Highly recommend this company to new and existing notaries.

CMNS Response

Hi! We are very happy that we were able to assist you in a timely manner with your mobile notary signing services. If there is anything else you need please don’t hesitate to reach back out to our staff.Thanks again! CMNS

Review from Jennifer J
5 stars

Great company to get fully certified with to become a loan signing agent! They cover all aspects from becoming a general notary and then the mortgage side on how to sign the documents. They also help me get connected with signing companies that will dispatch out jobs and right now I receive 3 to 6 per day. So glad I found this company they are very reliable and recommend it to anyone that is new or existing in the notary business.

Review from Angie
5 stars

They are so helpful and supportive. Thank you for what you do!!!

Review from Brandy S
5 stars

Tina is always diligent and helpful with her responses. She’s made this process of becoming a Notary/Signing Agent seamless!

Review from Julie K.
5 stars

Certified Mobile Notary Service is the real deal. I made back my investment in a little under a month and am still receiving orders, so many that I cannot keep up with the work. I got my Title Producers License and am seeing the benefits every day. Sarah is wonderful and will steer you in the right direction. Also, when you sign up you get business listings that you can sign up with in order to get work that is a wonderful thing because I would not have known where to start. If you thinking about doing this I recommend it to the fullest you will not be disappointed. Happy Signings to you all. Thank you so much for introducing me to this.

Review from Brenda F
5 stars

This company rocks! I use their job platform and business directory quite often to help me get listed to receive notary jobs. They got me certified in my state and fully trained me to become a loan signing agent. I recommend this company to anyone who helps with their notary business. Kuddos to Certified Mobile Notary Service!

CMNS Response

Thank you Brenda for your business! We value you for being a loyal customer. If there is anything you need please feel free to contact us. 405-568-7539. CMNS

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  1. Gayle Ladner says:

    Would I need an office for signing purposes? Are documents sent by FedEx or n computer or does the individuals have their own documents to sign for me to notarize. I’m just trying to see what is needed before I would invest in notary fees.

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