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Certified Mobile Notary Service | New Beginner As A Loan Signing Agent

Earn $125.00 - $200.00 as a Notary Signing Agent

Certified Mobile Notary Service | New Beginner As A Loan Signing Agent

Hello. I was appointed as a notary in August and I had doubts about becoming a Signing Agent but also held the belief that this was a great opportunity.

Certified Mobile Notary Service was right and good things are continuing to happen every day. I started with one company and signed up with others over time. Right now I am with Sxxxx Cxxx, which I actually love because of their App and better pay. I am earning $110.00 – $120.00 per loan signing appointment and averaging 4 appointments per day.

I was very blessed to sign on with them as they generally require two years of experience. I think they took me on because of my insurance and real estate investor background.

I will not prove them wrong as I give 100% every day as I learn their system and continue to grow as a notary signing agent. If you are contemplating this field and have an entrepreneurial spirit, this is the place for you to be!

I am loving it more and more every day and looking forward to great things to happen in the future.

Thank you Certified Mobile Notary for all you have done for me!

Yvonne D.

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  1. Lakeisha Parker says:

    How do I become a Notary Signing Agent in the state of Georgia and what is the cost?

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