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Scents of Love – Gift Box Sampler

Earn $125.00 - $200.00 as a Notary Signing Agent

FALL has finally arrived! It’s Pumpkin Spice and All Things Nice!

Scents of Love - Gift Box Sampler 1

Designed for “THANK YOU CUSTOMER GIFTS and for your own personal use.

Show customer appreciation with the custom scent of love gift boxes. Appreciation Gift Boxes are the best way to show customers you care or if you would love to enjoy the scents for personal you we definitely encourage you to as well.

Each box is filled with cured, scented, soy-based wax candles and wax melts, room and body sprays, and a personalized note for patrons. Gift Boxes leave a lasting impression on customers.

Certified Mobile Notary Service: Strengthening the Bond with All Wax Candle Company ( YES! We support them 100%.

Certified Mobile Notary Service, your trusted partner in notarization, is excited to extend our support to All Wax Candle Company, a local beacon of aromatic excellence. We firmly believe in the power of collaboration and fostering strong community relationships, and we are proud to endorse this partnership. Here’s why our certified mobile notaries should support All Wax Candle Company and consider making a purchase today.

1. Quality and Craftsmanship: Certified Mobile Notary Service and All Wax Candle Company share a commitment to excellence. Just as our notaries uphold the highest standards in notarization, All Wax Candle Company demonstrates unparalleled craftsmanship in producing their candles, wax melts, and room and body sprays. When you support them, you’re supporting quality, integrity, and passion.

2. Aromatic Ambiance: A relaxing, well-scented environment enhances the notary experience for both notaries and clients. By purchasing candles, wax melts, and room and body sprays from All Wax Candle Company, you can infuse your workspace with soothing and inviting fragrances, creating a more comfortable and welcoming atmosphere for all notarization appointments.

3. Unique Gifting Options: As a notary, you interact with a diverse range of clients. All Wax Candle Company’s products make for thoughtful, universal gifts. Consider presenting a candle or room spray as a token of appreciation for your clients, or keep them in your office to enhance the overall experience.

4. Support Local Businesses: Both Certified Mobile Notary Service and All Wax Candle Company are locally owned and operated businesses. By supporting each other, we contribute to the growth and prosperity of our community. Your purchase from All Wax Candle Company directly supports a local family business and strengthens the local economy.

5. Relaxation and Self-Care: As notaries, you often lead busy, demanding lives. Self-care and relaxation are essential. All Wax Candle Company’s products, such as their room and body sprays, are designed to help you unwind and create moments of tranquility. Incorporating these products into your routine can promote your well-being and enhance your overall quality of life.

Why You Should Purchase Today

  1. Immediate Enjoyment: Purchasing candles, wax melts, and room and body sprays from All Wax Candle Company means you can experience the soothing aromas and relaxation they provide right away. Transform your environment and personal space to make your workdays and downtime more enjoyable.
  2. Local Impact: By making a purchase today, you actively contribute to the success of a local business. Your support helps All Wax Candle Company continue to thrive and provide exceptional products to our community.
  3. Unique Gifting: With the holidays and special occasions always around the corner, consider purchasing All Wax Candle Company’s products as gifts for friends, family, or clients. These unique and handcrafted items are sure to be appreciated.

Certified Mobile Notary Service and All Wax Candle Company both understand the importance of creating memorable and meaningful experiences. By supporting All Wax Candle Company, you enhance the notarization process, uplift your work environment, and enrich your own well-being. Purchase candles, wax melts, and room and body sprays today to add a touch of aromatic magic to your notary practice and everyday life.


Scents of Love – Gift Box Sampler

Scents of Love – Gift Box Sampler Pack

Our handcrafted gift boxes are filled with LOVE!

Perfect for travel size and a personal gift for family and friends.

Cost: $85.00 with FREE shipping included with the full Scent of Love Gift Box Sampler. $75.00 without the Wax warmer and glass container.

What’s included:

1 – Room Spray of your choice

1 – Body Spray of your choice

2 – Packs of wax melts

1 – 7 oz. / 1 wick Candle with Wood Lid (soy-based)

1- Wax Melt Warmer

1 – Glass Container for Wax Melt Warmer



Candle Scents

Please select 1 candle of your choice.

Wax Melt Scents

Please select 2 wax melt scents of your choice.


Please select 1 room spray scent of your choice.

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