Notary Name Badges

Notary Name Badges


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We are accepting new orders to receive your Notary Loan Signing Agent Name Badge. What a great way to identify yourself to your customer that you notarize documents for. This will help ease the customer’s mind that it’s really YOU that is scheduled to meet with them.


Certified Mobile Notary Service is now offering identification badges for signing agents.

We are accepting new orders to receive your Notary Signing Agent Badge.

Why Do I Need A Notary Signing Agent Badge?

Notary Signing Agent Badges are a great way to identify yourself to your clients, businesses, and government offices. Our badges complement signing agents professionally when notarizing legal documents. Notary Signing Agent Badges help clients easily identify agents, and provides security for all parties arriving at the signing appointment.

What Will The Notary Signing Agent Badge Look Like?

Your Notary Signing Agent Badge will include a professional photo of yourself, legal name listed on commission, notary commission number, expiration date, company name, and CMNS Mobile Notary printed on badge hanging on a safety black, light-weight breakaway lanyard.

How Much Is The Badge?

The Notary Signing Agent Badges are priced at $63.95 shipping and tax included. Your badge will display your notary credentials making them easily accessible to reference when notarizing professional documents.

Notary Signing Agent Badges are definitely a must-have for all professional signing agents!

Notary Signing Agent name badges will help identify yourself to your customers, help ease the mind of your customers and give them a sense of security.

Please allow 7 – 10 business days to receive your NEW NOTARY NAME BADGE!

Please give us a call at (405) 568-7539 if you would like to discuss your options.

Thank you!

Jessica Stone

Notary Signing Agent Verification Dept.

Certified Mobile Notary Service
Agent ID Code: CMNS
Tel: 1 (405) 568-7539


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We have a collective team of professional mobile notaries that are licensed, insured, and bonded in all 50 states available ready to assist you. We are the ultimate and complete 24-hour one-stop-shop for all your notary business service needs! *Tell us what public location you would like to meet our mobile public notary. We will travel to any location at your request to notarize your documents in a timely manner. Request A Mobile Public Notary today! . We help customers all over the world achieve their goals to become mobile notaries in their local area whether it’s mobile or in an office setting. Our helpful office staff will help you renew notary certifications every 4 years or as often as you need them. Our virtual recruiters help find our mobile notaries that contract directly with our company notary jobs to work. We offer a rewarding Notary Association Club that will give you more exposure to our consumers and other notary partner networks. In addition, we sell notary office supplies at an affordable price and we will ship them right to your front door worldwide. Signing services provided: Witness Statements Loan Modifications Loan Purchase Closings Refinances Home Equity Lines of Credit Reverse Mortgage Closings Second Mortgages HELOC Highly Classified Identifications, Pavaso Certified. Annuities Time Shares Student Loan Documentations Structured Settlements Residential & Commercial Transactions Affidavits Powers of Attorney and Wills Title Work Title Abstract Settlement Agent-General Durable Powers of Attorney Last Will & Testament Advance Medical Directives Legal Documents Vehicle and Motor Transfers Affidavit of Incapacity. Please take a tour of all the products that we offer and get started today! 1-405-568-7539 call today for all your notary service signings!

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